Ass Juice, a rather unpleasantly named punch, is one of the specials at this Alphabet City dive. […] The concoction is also deceptively priced: one is four dollars, and two are nine. The ingenious valuation recently led a former hedge-fund manager to declaim, “It’s very New York!” Around him, a mix of yuppies and leather-clad locals clustered at the bar while televisions above them alternated between shots of rowdy concerts and graphic pornography. “Is that legal?” a drunk patron queried, of the questionable fare onscreen. Nearby, a man in a checked shirt took a swig from a can of Genesee beer and mumbled to his friend, “I’m more than just a back-end-data guy.”

Nicolas Niarchos, Double Down Saloon, Bar Tab, New Yorker Magazine, 5 February 2018

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